Apr 12, 2024 06:16pm

Max R.O.A.D embarks on a fresh solo venture in the musical realm, known for the infectious rhythms of the beloved duo, Grasso & Maxim.

Teaming up with Diezzera, two prominent figures in Colombia's music scene renowned for their mastery of tech house, the result is a collection of tracks that pulsate with the finest beats the genre has to offer.

This latest collaboration delivers a seamless fusion of Max R.O.A.D's and Diezzera's unmistakable sound, creating a vibrant atmosphere tailor-made for the impending arrival of spring. With its infectious grooves and irresistible energy, this tech house journey promises to be the perfect soundtrack for those sun-soaked days and balmy nights ahead.



Max R.O.A.D, Diezzera
Control (Original Mix)
Max R.O.A.D, Diezzera
Shake Your Body (Original Mix)
Max R.O.A.D, Diezzera - Control EP